Car Repair

Auto Detailing & Other Auto Body Repair Services in Winnipeg

Like fluid changes, tune-ups and tire rotations, auto detailing is probably one of the most valuable maintenance programs for your vehicle and can increase its longevity and re-sale value. Pritchard Autobody & Glass Inc. offers comprehensive auto detailing services for all makes and models of vehicles in the Winnipeg area. Our auto repair services also include:

Windshield replacement

Door glass replacement

Hybrid car repair

Wheel alignment

Commitment Towards Quality & Safety

Your vehicle's manufacturer specifies carefully calculated adjustments and precise settings for wheel alignment that will reward you with maximum vehicle performance, optimal driving enjoyment and cost savings. Improper alignment can result in:

Greatly accelerated tire wear

Difficult handling

Poor fuel economy

Excessive wear on your vehicle's suspension

Defective wheel alignment can also lead to steering or handling problems, such as:

Off-centre steering wheel

Steering pull

Unsteady steering

Loose steering, Hard steering

A change in steering direction after hitting bumps

Contact Pritchard Autobody & Glass Inc. for Wheel Alignment

Unusual or accelerated tire wear may take the form of edge wear, diagonal wear or cupping that, if left unattended, can cause premature tire replacement. Failing to maintain proper wheel alignment will make it impossible for you to maintain factory-specified suspension settings that control the quality of your ride. Come to Pritchard Autobody & Glass Inc. our professionals strive to provide accurate wheel alignment in Winnipeg. We may also help you find alternative solutions if your vehicle has been written off, and we'll do additional work on your vehicle if you have an Autopac claim.